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Corinna Arlington

Owner/Piercer/Goddess of All

Corinna Arlington is the heart, soul, and owner of Sadu Body Modifications. She began piercing in the late 90s, opening Sadu's first incarnation in the back of a Central Avenue record store in 1999. With a background in phlebotomy and a love of the alternative scene, body piercing came as a natural fit for Corinna--and her hard work and dedication helped her business flourish and grow steadily. Corinna is an active member of the Plaza Midwood Merchants Association, regularly participating in and donating to fundraising and cleanup efforts in the local community. Corinna is also a member of the Association of Professional Piercers and is passionate about keeping her body modification education up-to-date to ensure that Sadu offers its clients the best jewelry selection and safest practices possible.

Cindy Stunning.jpg

Cindy Foster

Manager and Head Piercer

Cindy has been a professional body piercer since 2010. She's been with Sadu Body Modifications since 2013 and took over studio management in 2017. Prior to her time at Sadu, Cindy pierced at and managed two tattoo studios in Western North Carolina. Cindy holds dual Master's degrees from Western Carolina University and is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers. She regularly attends continuing education classes in the piercing industry. Cindy is passionate in educating clients about safe body piercing practices, loves curating unique looks for each individual, and is always there for clients before, during, and after their piercings. She's also an avid gamer, nature-lover, and collector of crystals, antique cameras, and comic books. When she's not at Sadu, Cindy can almost always be found spending time with her husband and daughter.


Cyndi "Lucy" Smith


Cyndi Smith, better known in the piercing industry as "Lucy", began piercing in 2013 in rural Western North Carolina. She apprenticed under Cindy (Goode) Foster, later joining her mentor at Sadu Body Modifications in late 2017--yes, you heard right, we have a Cyndi and a Cindy at Sadu! Lucy is an upbeat ray of sunshine around the studio, and she's a miracle-worker with our younger clients looking to get their first earlobe piercings. Lucy is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers and is always eager to learn the best and safest ways to serve her clients. When she isn't at Sadu, Lucy works part-time as a licensed cosmetologist and spends lots of time with her young son.






Apprentice Piercer

New to the industry but with a passion to learn and flourish, A.C. brings a whole new outlook to your jewelry search! He's dedicated to finding the perfect piece for each person and always has great recommendations. He's currently apprenticing under Cindy, and will be applying to the APP at the completion of his apprenticeship. His favorite past times revolve around geek culture--comics, Pokemon, video games, and movies! A.C. is ready to serve you with a witty sense of humor and dedication to helping you become more... you!



Jewelry Specialist

Sadie Deviney is our resident space cowboy and jewelry specialist, whose sweet and patient demeanor wins the hearts of all of Sadu's clients. Sadie has been working in the piercing industry on and off since 2012. She's always willing to take her time to help clients with decisions and make reccomendations about piercing placement and jewelry options. She's super enthusiastic, quirky, a total sweetheart, and basically the best person any of us know. Hiking with her two dogs and cuddling her cat, Feather, make Sadie the absolute happiest. 


Leda Bug

Jewelry Specialist/Apprentice Piercer

Leda fell in love with the body piercing community because of the empowerment, constant room for growth, and the sense of community it created. They have a passion for education clients on safe body modification and helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry! They love curating looks designed just for you, especially when it involves yellow gold and black diamonds. When they're not at Sadu, you can find Leda on a hike, playing music, working on an art project, or spending time with their cat Goose and their partner. They absolutely love talking to new people, so come by and say hi!



Jewelry Specialist

Riley is one of our jewelry specialists at Sadu. They are very passionate about quality body jewelry and helping clients find the perfect fit. Riley enjoys gem mining, collecting crystals, cuddling cats, and adventuring. Riley's favorite jewelry combos involve white gold and labradorite; she loves to arrange themed jewelry curations--especially those that incorporate natural stones!





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