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The following is a list of piercings currently offered at our studio. Each of our piercers have their own preferences and unique areas of expertise, so please book with the piercer(s) listed who offer the piercing you are interested in. 


Because all bodies are shaped differently, completing a consultation prior to booking your piercing appointment is strongly recommended for most piercings to make sure your anatomy will work for the piercing you want (bonus: you get a $5 coupon!). Please note that piercings with an asterisk (*) have required consultations. If you book your appointment with a piercer who does not offer the piercing you want or you do not complete a consultation prior to a piercing that specifically requires one, you will be asked to reschedule and the standard rebooking fee will apply. Please see our Booking Terms & Cancellation Policy for full details.


Lobes (standard, stacked, or high): Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Children's Lobes (age 5-9): Lucy

*Repiercing Reconstructed Lobes: Cindy

*Transverse Lobe: Cindy

*Large-Gauge Lobes: Cindy, Corinna

Helix: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Mid-helix: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Daith: Cindy, Lucy

Conch: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Tragus: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Snug: Cindy or Lucy

*Orbital (not conch): Cindy

Industrial: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

*Custom Industrial: Cindy

Rook: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Forward Helix: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Flat/Scapha: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Faux Rook: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Faux Snug: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Snonch: Cindy


Eyebrow: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Nostril: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna, Glenn

Septum: Cindy, Lucy

*Bridge: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Deviated Septum: Cindy, Lucy

*High Nostrils: Cindy, Lucy

*Mantis (Forward) Nostrils: Cindy


Labret: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Lower Lip: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Upper Lip (Monroe): Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Philtrum: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

Vertical Labret: Cindy, Lucy

*Inverse Labret: Cindy

Vertical Philtrum: Cindy

*Frenulum (Smiley): Lucy

*Dahlias: Cindy 

Tongue: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna


Nipples: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna

*Inverted/Flat/Post-Op Nipples: Cindy

Navel: Cindy, Lucy, Corinna



*Surface Bar: Cindy

*Surface Anchor: Cindy, Lucy

*Surface Anchor Removal: Cindy


*Prince Albert (& Reverse): Cindy

*Frenum/Lorum: Cindy

*Hafada/Scrotum: Cindy

*Guiche: Cindy

*Dydoe: Cindy

*Ampallang/Apadravya: Cindy

*Inner/Outer Labia: Cindy

*Fourchette: Cindy

*Horizontal Clitoral Hood: Cindy, Lucy

*Vertical Clitoral Hood: Cindy, Lucy

Unavailable: Cheeks, Horizontal Tongue, Triangle, Nasallang, Princess Albertina, Clitoris, Tongue Webbing, Christina, Pubic Mound, Feet/Hands

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