Reschedule / Cancel an Appointment

To reschedule an existing piercing appointment with less than 24 hours notice, please click below to pay the $10 rebooking fee--then use the Request Rescheduling/Cancellation form below to send us a message! Please include your name, original appointment date/time, and your availability for the following week(s). Someone will contact you to reschedule within 24 hours. Thanks!


If you are rescheduling a service for something other than a new piercing (such as a jewelry change, downsize, etc) with less than 24 hours notice, you do not need to pay the rescheduling fee; simply make a new appointment and pay the new deposit the same way you scheduled it initially.


Please note:  If you are rescheduling any appointment with more than 24 hours notice, a rescheduling fee does not apply--just use the form above to send us the information requested, and we will move your appointment. 

Rebooking fees paid in error cannot be refunded or applied to the service fee, so please ask if you are unsure if the fee applies to your situation. If you have questions, please refer to your booking agreement or contact us for assistance. We're always happy to help! 

Request to Reschedule / Cancel

Please use the exact name & email address used to schedule your appointment originally.


Thanks for submitting!