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Studio Policies &

Frequently Asked Questions

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Studio Policies

Jewelry Info

What is your jewelry made of?

Safety is of upmost importance to us! We carry implant-grade titanium, niobium, body-safe glass, and solid gold jewelry. For well-healed piercings, we also carry options in stone, brass, and silicone. 

Which jewelry companies do you carry?

We carry only the best quality jewelry the piercing industry has to offer! These include: NeoMetal, Anatometal, Body Circle, People's Jewelry, Industrial Strength, Zadamer, Season's Handmade, Junipurr, Adeline Roz, Body Gems, Dusk, Alchemy Adornment, Kiwi Diamond, Sleeping Goddess, Regalia, Modern Mood, BVLA, Buddha Jewelry Organics, Maya, Diablo, & Tawapa.

I bought some jewelry and it doesn't fit or I don't love it as much as I thought I would. Can I return it?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any returns or exchanges for body jewelry once it has left the studio. Because it is worn inside of the body, it can never truly be cleaned enough to be used by another person. You wouldn't want to put jewelry in your body you wouldn't feel safe about! We can only guarantee the size/fit of your jewelry if we install it for you.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

We only use undamaged jewelry from our studio or APP-approved manufacturers. We do not pierce with or install jewelry that does not meet our quality specifications, because we believe our clients deserve only the best and safest! 


We only install jewelry that fits the following criteria: 

  • was purchased at our studio in the last 5 years; 

  • was purchased at another APP-member studio and meets APP requirements; 

  • was purchased elsewhere but can be verified to be from a quality APP-approved manufacturer;

  • is threadless or internally threaded;

  • is free of scratches and defects;

  • has never been worn by anyone except the client

We do NOT install the following: jewelry from Claires, Spencers, Wal-Mart, or other mall-type stores; jewelry from Etsy, Metal Mafia, or other manufacturers that are not APP-compliant; jewelry that has been worn by someone other than the client; jewelry that is damaged (i.e. scratched/warped); jewelry that is visibly dirty; jewelry that is externally threaded.

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