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Booking Terms & Cancellation Policy



Service fee - The amount paid for the service itself, excluding jewelry, aftercare, tip, or other additional charges.

Jewelry fee - The amount paid for the jewelry you choose at your appointment.

Rebooking fee - Rescheduling with less than 12 hours notice, tardiness beyond grace period for piercing services, not meeting age requirement or failure to provide ID - $10

Cancellation fee - Cancellation with less than 12 hours notice - 50% of total service fee

"No-Show" fee - Failing to attend the scheduled appointment or tardiness beyond grace period for non-piercing services - 50% of total service fee


PRICING: The price displayed when an appointment is booked is the service fee. A debit/credit card must be on file to book the appointment. Cost of jewelry is in addition to the service fee and is chosen and paid for in-studio at the time of your appointment; jewelry purchase is required for piercings and installs unless we are re-installing jewelry previously purchased from Sadu or jewelry that meet our stated requirements; please see terms for qualifying jewelry on our website. Service fees and jewelry will both be paid for in-studio at the time of your appointment; the card on file will only be charged if a no-show, cancellation, or rescheduling fee is applied.


If you are unsure about the total fee or jewelry minimum for the service you'd like to book, please inquire prior to booking online. All jewelry purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


AGE REQUIREMENTS: If you are unsure about the age requirement for the piercing you would like, please check out our FAQ or send us a message to inquire BEFORE booking your appointment. Failure to meet the age requirement of the piercing you request will result in the following options: choosing another age-appropriate piercing at that time, rescheduling for a $10 rebooking fee, or receiving a partial refund minus the 50% cancellation fee. 


ID REQUIREMENTS: Please note that ID is required, even for minors! Please see the Studio Policies section of our website for minor & adult ID requirements. Failure to bring a physical copy of your valid ID will result in your choice of your appointment being rescheduled for a $10 rebooking fee or cancelled with a 50% cancellation fee.

CONSULTATIONS: We strongly suggest booking a consultation prior to anatomy-dependent piercings (please note that some piercings REQUIRE a consultation). If you choose to not book a consultation prior to your piercing and are found to be ineligible for the piercing you choose (due to anatomy, scarring, etc), you have the following options: choose another piercing at that time, rebook for a future date for a $10 rebooking fee, or cancel with a 50% cancellation fee. Same-day piercing appointments following consultations are not typical, subject to availability and are not implied or guaranteed.


RESCHEDULE/CANCEL/NO-SHOW: To reschedule or cancel an existing appointment, you may reschedule or cancel yourself through the Vagaro booking platform or you can request to have your appointment rescheduled or cancelled for you using the Reschedule/Cancel An Appointment form. Deposits may be transferred to another date for no charge if you reschedule or request to be rescheduled with a minimum 12-hours notice. Rescheduling with less than 12-hours notice requires a $10 rebooking fee. Cancelling with less than 12-hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee.


TARDINESS: Clients who are more than 10-minutes late to their piercing appointment will be offered the one-time courtesy of rescheduling and having their deposit moved to a different date for a $10 rebooking fee. Due to time constraints, clients who are 10 minutes late to any other appointment type will be considered a "no-show".

Waiving any fee in consideration of extenuating circumstances is at management's discretion.


By booking your appointment, you agree that you have read and will follow our “Studio Policies” listed on our website. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in your appointment being rescheduled or cancelled with the aforementioned fees.


While we strive to keep things flowing smoothly and see each client promptly, due to the nature of our services, delays can happen--but we will always strive to keep your wait to a minimum.

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